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This is an online, open source initiative that will serve as a permanent stage for contributions around larger topics of global concern, with an initial focuses on two distinct but inevitably interweaving strands: ecology and social unrest. 

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Recent Contributions

The Democratic Sensible: becoming word in protest recitations

Bishnupriya Ghosh Fig.1 Installation Hum Dekhenge, Shaheen Bagh. Fig.2 Azad with the Constitution, Jama Masjid. Credit: Photo @delhi6wala, Instagram, Jan 30, 2020. Credit: Screenshot Hindustan Times These scenes circulate across media platforms as visual/audiovisual documents long past the silencing of speeches, the dispelling of crowds,…

Contemporary Art, Activism, and Symbolic Value

by Alex Alberro. The concerted politicization of art in the past decade transcends radical themes in artists’ and curators’ work and the relationship between museums and art workers. It even goes beyond the professionalized paradigm of “social practice art” grounded in liberal ideals of civic…

Telepathy without the internet

Juan Pablo Pacheco Bejarano. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, governments, companies, and institutions across the world have resurrected the ghost of technocratic optimism that dominated the twentieth century. From tele-work to tele-education and tele-health, governments, tech companies, and universities alike are currently espousing…